Recruitment Priorities

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Welcome to Computus Demum.

With over 14 years of progression raiding history, we're proud of our legacy. We've always strived to treat our members with respect, play the game well, and show a little bit of class.

To keep things running smoothly, and maintain a positive, drama-free environment, here's some basic expectations for all members of the guild:

Our current raiding schedule is 8-11pm server time Sundays & Wednesdays.


  • Invites start at 7:50. Please be online and ready for an invite to the raid at this time.
  • Raiding is a team sport, but in Mythic we can only have 20 players on the field at once. Raid spots are given based on performance, composition, and attitude.
  • If you are asked to sit, please try and be available through the remainder for raid time so we can pull you in if needed. If you are not staying online in guild, please let an officer know how to contact you if we need to pull you into the raid.
  • We usually take two 5 minute breaks, roughly at 9:00 and 10:00. Use this time to stand up, stretch, bio, and clear your head. As a courtesy to your fellow raiders, please return on time. Also, try and avoid AFKs outside of this designated break.
  • The leadership team generally plans raids a day or two ahead of time assuming 100% attendance. If you expect to be late or miss a raid, please use the #post-outs channel to let us know so we can adjust accordingly.


  • The guild supplies most consumables by stocking various tabs on the guild bank. We go through approximately 100k gold a week in materials, so where possible please contribute by donating using the first tab, or just by using your own consumables.
  • We expect all players to be aware of and objectively analyze their performance after raids. Logging is generally done live and linked in #general at the start of the raid.
  • Information and analysis may be posted in the #raid-analysis channel. Please be mature about accepting constructive criticism if it happens, and make an effort to understand the feedback being given.
  • Use tools such as raidbots, wowanalyzer, wipefest, and videos/stream to optimize your performance. Many of us have premium accounts to these tools if you need additional access; just post in the #raid-analysis channel.
  • We ask that all raiders have the following addons installed: BigWigs/DBM, Angry Assignments, and Weakauras. Details about these and other helpful addons are available in the #weakauras-and-addons channel.

Mains, Roles, and Alts

  • Your main character in the guild is the one you are expected to raid on, in the role (Tank/Heal/DPS) you were recruited for. Please do not attend other raids on your main character that would result in getting locked out of our progression raids.
  • Where possible, we will accomodate changing mains, but it needs to be coordinated with guild leadership. If you would like to change your main, please contact an officer. Depending on the readiness of your alt and our current roster, the process may be immediate, prolonged, or delayed -- whatever is in the best interest of the guild.
  • Raid-ready alts or role flexibility (i.e. a Shadow Priest who can swap to healing) are appreciated but not required. If you feel comfortable swapping to a different role or a different toon, let us know. We generally will only ask our core leadership team to bear the burden of maintaining role flexibility.
  • Years of experience has taught us to generally not bring alts to raiding nights unless they are needed to keep the raid running. To help scratch your alts itch, we frequently coordinate off-night raids where alts are allowed. Some minimum requirements may be posted to keep these raids running smoothly; info will be posted as they are available. These raids are not considered required and will be run based on interest and leadership availability.

If you're still interested, please click the link below and fill out the application form.

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