Welcome to the reborn Computus Demum site

Posted by Eander on 6/18/2020

If the wayback machine is to be trusted, the CD website has been dead for almost 8 years. Today, we're bringing it back to life.

In the old days of DKP and no Discord server, the site was a key part of running the guild. It was the hub that everyone came to week in and week out to stay on top of how far they were from the point cap, donations, recruitment, strats, random memes, etc.

Nowadays, all of that is a lot easier to manage for everyone by just handling it in Discord, and we're not trying to change that. The goal here isn't to try to shove another thing on people to have to check and stay on top of. This time the site's job is to make it easier to find us, show off our accomplishments, and put a good foot forward to try to attract the highest quality recruits. 

And it gives us an excuse to start taking kill screenshots / posting kill videos again. What more do you need?

I'm looking forward to fleshing things out more and coming up with cheesy, boss-appropriate headlines for each kill. If you want to include your B.Net tag or Twitch on the Roster, just let me know. Adding your Twitch will make it show up on the homepage when you go live. I'm also all ears if anyone has any ideas of cool stuff they'd like to see added.